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AgileNav is short for Agile Navigator app. An Agile app that offers a toolbox to help the user in transforming the Digital Mindset.

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What users say about AgileNav

What users say about AgileNav

I just graduated from University where I learned to adopt an Agile mindset. After starting my first job I came to realise that there is a huge amount of Agile terms that I didn’t learn about in school. Having the AgileNav app open on my iPad offers the answer for me.

Rick (24)Developer

Sometimes it feels that the Development Team keeps coming up with new acronyms. In the Daily Standup Meeting yesterday they talked about ‘ScrumBan’ so I quickly looked it up on my iPhone after the meeting and right away talked to the Scrum Master about it.

Chulaway (36) Product Owner

Last year all of our Project Managers took an Agile PM course. We intensively studied the Agile Project Management Framework but when we started our first Scrum based project I felt there was a world of knowledge between what we learned and the every day practice of the teams. The AgileNav app helped our PM’s understand how the theory of our course related to the context of the terminology used by the teams.

Gerard (51)Project Manager

I always use the AgileNav app in my training. I noticed it helps the participants to continuously relate the new things I teach to the overall context of Agile. The mindmap-like presentation of AgileNav is so helpful with keeping this perspective. Plus this body of knowledge, with drawing, infographs and visual makes it easy to understand and is always easily available to them on their phones and tablets. AgileNav offers an excellent backbone for learning about the entire Agile landscape!

Anja (44) Agile Coach / trainer

We have gone thru a huge Agile transformation in the last 2 years with our company. During that proces I consistently ran into abbreviations that I needed to lookup. Wikipedia often gave me so much text and extra context I didn’t need. I often tried to find an easier way to familiarise myself. Recently I downloaded AgileNav from the App store. I wish I would have had this app 2 years ago. What a great help!

Ian (56)Managing Director

An agile app packed with great features

Agile Insights

Open visual oriented topic content for micro-learning by tap&hold in the expandable mindmap.


Check your knowledge as a starting point for exploring and expanding the digital mindset.


Seaching for a specific topic will bring you to remote area’s in de mindmap. Start your exploration from there.

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